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Business transition is a process

For most entrepreneurs, business succession is the largest financial and personal change of their careers. It’s important to view it as a process, not a liquidity event, because there’s a lot to think through and a lot at stake. All owners exit, one way or another. How you do it is a bell you can’t unring.

Why You Need to Think Ahead, Prepare, and Have a Plan
An illustrative story

We know a 54-year old entrepreneur whose initial business idea was two rounds of raising money, followed in short order by an IPO. Twenty-six years later, he is a profitable solopreneur, but with no IPO insight, all savings poured back into the business and a need to monetize his equity to exit. When we first talked, he’d been overtaken by events:

  • He was midway through updating his CRM, inventory and accounting systems, navigating the IT and data chaos
  • He’d just learned that his wife had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s
  • A potential buyer had raised interest in a letter of intent and hada due diligence list a mile long

Unable to respond, and without an exit plan in place, he lost a timely and urgent opportunity to sell his business. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them.

The Finish Big Exit Plan
See our approach. Get a Draft in 90 Days

Over a 90-day timeframe, we work with you to draft your exit plan. Your goals, priorities, situation and readiness drive the plan. Having some, but maybe not all answers is far better than having no plan at all. We are not business brokers, wealth managers, estate attorneys, insurance experts or financiers – you will almost certainly need their specialist services to execute. What you get from working with us is an informed and integrated draft plan to take around to them – the context to invite their best inputs – and one to help you deal with the unexpected. We can quarterback a team of such specialists on your behalf. We’ve done this before, know most of the potholes, and can anticipate what’s critical for your success. What you don’t know, or don’t do in selling your business can cost you a fortune. We take that risk off the table, so you don’t leave millions on it.

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Figuring our your viable exit options

We have tools and a process to help you learn about, assess and consider the available exit options that can optimize your path forward. Each has a number of implications, especially tax implications. We help you sift and sort, look forward with eyes wide open – and choose what will optimize price, terms, timing and personal goals. Start now – get a plan in place.

What Happens as Results You Can Expect
Use our services à la carte or as one integrated program.

Our services – Get Traction, Build Value, Finish Big – can overlap and integrate easily. Or, given assessment and planning, components can be cherry-picked and done a la carte, as best suits your situation.

What you get is a business succession plan geared to small businesses at a level of quality that that’s usually out of reach. Most service specialists target companies with more than $30 million annual revenue. Our power alley is $500 k to $15 million. Most specialists are focused on their respective service or doing the deal. We’re focused on helping clients succeed spectacularly. “Good luck” is when preparation meets opportunity.

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