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GET TRACTION For Your Small Business

Build a great company. Sell your business someday.

The Proven System
For operating a successful business

Traction has been used worldwide and was initially explained in books like “Traction” and “Get a Grip on Your Business” by Gino Wickman. We’ve partnered with EOS to help small business owners build great companies. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just master these fundamentals.

We work with clients, post start-up, to strengthen, tie together and align the operating system. An initial online assessment survey reveals strengths to build on, gaps and opportunities using this simple, powerful framework. Start with a score out of 100.

EOS operating system
How it works
The tools and practices are explained and applied as part of the Traction implementation process, shown here. We’ve tried it a lot of ways. This really works.

What we add
Purpose. Brand. Culture.

We help connect purpose, brand and culture so that the business does things customers, employees and communities care about….and you build a distinctive company that thrives. Businesses that thrive are businesses that sell.

We also encourage people to embrace the United Nations Sustainability Goals. A number of our clients are B Corp certified. We help people play a bigger game at work. Turns out it’s very good for business. Thriving, sustainable businesses sell.

Finally, we use EOS ourselves, and have over 30 years of experience working in it or on it. I like to think we’ve made all the big mistakes already, and learned from them. Happy to have you go to school on us.

hand holding compass
What to expect
See the results you can expect
  1. Everybody gets on the same page about direction, goals, the big picture.
  2. Values, roles and expectations are clear. Everybody understands their deal.
  3. The right people are in the jobs – they get it, want it, can do it.
  4. Everybody is accountable for their important result (“rocks”) – the numbers that go up or down when they do the right things, right.
  5. In God we’ll trust. All others must bring data. Facts and data inform decisions.
  6. Decisions foot to the metrics – everybody sees the scorecard.
  7. People share knowledge and apply their skills to follow and improve processes.
  8. Regular meetings work well. Issues are voiced, and get worked. Nothing festers.
  9. Every day, the system pushes on goals you set, values you care about.
  10. You can focus on the substance of your business, because its operating system is working.

Let's do what works for you

EOS is a proven, flexible operating system – you make choices about priorities, pace and timing that best fit your business. That said, it typically takes 18 +months to really implement this well – so it happens in daily work. Along the way, you increase revenue and cash flow, build teamwork, and build a thriving company. That can sell someday.

This CEO and entrepreneur are working on their laptops building a social media marketing strategy to showing bloggers how to make money on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Teamwork on this promotion will bring lots of sales for their startup.
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