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We help small business owners build business value and get ready to sell

About Dunnington Consulting
Our Goals, Perspective and Approach  

Dunnington Consulting helps business owners build value today with an eye toward optimizing value and readiness for transition. We think in terms of what is high value now, and will be highly valued going forward – as a forward-thinking consulting partner for sustainable results, competitiveness, and citizenship – near term and end game.

We believe successful entrepreneurs are smart, capable, independent people – with time always at a premium. Building value and exit planning are inherently important but rarely seen as urgent in the typical press of business. 

As a result, we bring useful, actionable ideas and tools you need, don’t have, and don’t have time to invent. We help you accelerate, succeed and get out of your way. Our mission is to help you achieve a large, step-up value gain for you…10x ish. The key is to do the most valuable things, the right way, more systematically than episodically. 

Facing the Future

We know a lot of business owners in their 50s, 60s, 70s who haven’t faced the future yet. There is an inevitable transition ahead. We can help by addressing three questions:

> How can you learn your company’s value – in an actionable way?

>How can you build a business that has transferable value and owner independence?

>What can you do today to ensure that your business has value in the future? 

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