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We help small business owners build business value and get ready to sell

About Dunnington Consulting
Our Goals, Perspective and Approach  

Dunnington Consulting helps business owners build value today with an eye toward optimizing value and readiness for transition. We think in terms of what is high value now, and will be highly valued going forward – as a forward-thinking consulting partner for sustainable results, competitiveness, and citizenship – near term and end game.

We believe successful entrepreneurs are smart, capable, independent people – with time always at a premium. Building value and exit planning are inherently important but rarely seen as urgent in the typical press of business. 

As a result, we bring useful, actionable ideas and tools you need, don’t have, and don’t have time to invent. We help you accelerate, succeed and get out of your way. Our mission is to help you achieve a large, step-up value gain for you…10x ish. The key is to do the most valuable things, the right way, more systematically than episodically. 

Facing the Future

All our work is confidential.

We will never disclose any of your information, or speak for you. That said, we may, on occasion, raise sticky issues and push them at you. And we expect you to do the same with us whenever something “pinches.” We blend proven approaches (for example, Value Builder and EOS are used by over 48,000 companies globally) to help you systematically direct things toward your particular intentions – so, better for you, and the communities you care about - not just bigger.

We help owners sync up their company purpose, brand, and culture for distinctive advantage and legacy, especially in an increasingly digital world.

What you do and what you stand for is clear to all. It’s a unique capability we bring. We work with owners to build their capacity to lead their companies. For example, one of the best initiatives going is to help an owner task/guide the leadership team to refine or put an enterprise risk management program in place – it produces better operating results, a higher multiple/valuation, and leadership/team development in one package.

Everybody has a passion. Ours is helping businesses be a force for good – more than just a wealth engine.

Our experience is, as it turns out, this is very good for business. What goes up: > Recurring revenue as a % to total revenue > NPS scores (customers who recommend you) > Free cash flow > EBIDTA and multiple > Company valuation (2x+ valuation, 3x+ number of offers) > Prospects, recruits, and investors seeking you out > Most everybody’s quality of life

We help owners of small B2B businesses grow, prepare for, and succeed spectacularly at business succession