About Us

Our Goals, Perspective and Approach  

Dunnington Consulting helps business owners build value today with an eye toward optimizing value and readiness for transition. We think in terms of what is high value now, and will be highly valued going forward – as a forward-thinking consulting partner for sustainable results, competitiveness, and citizenship – near term and end game.

We believe successful entrepreneurs are smart, capable, independent people – with time always at a premium. Building value and exit planning are inherently important but rarely seen as urgent in the typical press of business. 

As a result, we bring useful, actionable ideas and tools you need, don’t have, and don’t have time to invent. We help you accelerate, succeed and get out of your way. Our mission is to help you achieve a large, step-up value gain for you…10x ish. The key is to do the most valuable things, the right way, more systematically than episodically. 

Facing the Future

We know a lot of business owners in their 50s, 60s, 70s who haven’t faced the future yet. There is an inevitable transition ahead. We can help by addressing three questions:

> How can you learn your company’s value – in an actionable way?

>How can you build a business that has transferable value and owner independence?

>What can you do today to ensure that your business has value in the future? 

Consulting Services

Our three consulting services reflect 30 years of experience helping business owners address these. 

  • Vital Signs

    Vital Signs is the core value building service that starts where you are – what your business is worth today – looks to what it could be worth and the key (ROI-ranked) improvements to make – and the blueprint to get there.

  • Future Fitness

    Future Fitness builds on this. We work with you to define, design and deploy the transferable value and owner independence elements into daily work in your organization – so that brand, culture and purposeful leadership do their magic and build your organization to be future fit. It puts legacy in the DNA of the culture. 

  • The Bigger Game

    The Bigger Game helps your extend and expand your business, not just as an economic powerhouse but as a force for good – on things you care about. Done in the context of your strategy and situation, you operate to build support across customers, suppliers, partners, communities, regulators for who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. It’s the most valuable form of enlightened self-interest. It happens to be very good for business. 

We Offer Three Services

  • Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 1.00.40 PM.png
    Vital Signs - The Value Building Process

    • Proven, turnkey, flexible process 
    • What your business is worth
    • How to get there
    • Build-to-sell (strategic program) or transform-to-transition (accelerated) 

    Your business thrives without you. 

    You gain time and financial freedom. 

    It’s worth more. You sleep better. 

  • Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 1.09.10 PM.png
    Future Fitness – A Strategy for Competitive Differentiation

    An organization design process that helps you strengthen and align:
    • Purpose
    • Brand
    • Culture

    Strengthens capacity to operate, improve, and change.

    Embeds a hard-to-copy sustainable advantage in daily work 

  • Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 1.13.16 PM.png
    The Bigger Game – Leave the Legacy You’re Proud Of

    How to play a bigger game through your company:
    • The triple bottom line business model 
    • Adapt and leverage B Corps tools and practices
    • Expand your impact, do some good
    • Turns out it’s very good for business