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Value Growth and Business Succession Consulting

Dunnington Consulting helps small New England B2B business owners prepare for, build value, run the business they want and, ultimately succeed spectacularly at business succession.
Business Value Proposition

We help business owners:

  • Build and enjoy the business they imagine;

  • Realize their specific goals for growth and equity; lifestyle; involvement; and continuity.

  • Plan, grow, prepare, for their intended future. Ultimately owners generally exit with 2x the price and 3x the offers with right terms, people treatment, timing.

  • Our special sauce: Focus on intention and value more than size. It's a game changer.

  • Get Traction

    We offer EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a complete set of key concepts and practical tools that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. We help owners and leadership teams master this to systematically achieve goals.

  • Build Value

    We offer a proven, flexible Value Building System that makes the business profitable, transition-ready and attractive – while owners gain time, and financial freedom - so they can operate, scale or sell on their own price, terms, timing.

  • Finish Big

    For most entrepreneurs, business succession is the largest financial and personal change of their careers. We offer an accelerated 90-day exit plan, or a deliberate and intentional strategy that drives long term value and succession.

With Dunnington Consulting, you can count on

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    Deep Experience

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    Results and Innovation

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    Productive Collaborations

We help create secure, sustainable, attractive futures -

an affordable, Robin Hood resource for small business owners.

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The case for building value
- whether you're selling or not -
Make Your Company Attractive to Buyers - as You Build a More Profitable, Enjoyable Business That Doubles in Value and Runs Itself in 12 Months

  • How Owners Handicap Themselves
    business management consultant

    - Virtually everyone overestimates their company's value.

    - 80% of owners need to grow their business' value to attract buyers - but wait too long to start. As a result...

    - Few companies are ready to sell at the value owners expect, so they struggle to attract serioius buyers and generally fail in due diligence.

    - Only 2 in 10 business ultimately sell.

    - Just 3 in 10 family successions work and last.

    - 75% of former owners report being unhappy within a year of transition.

  • How Owners Get Traction, Gain Value, Finish Big

    - Things that build value, that buyers care about, are the same things that grow sustainable companies.

    - Building value brings more time and financial freedom -- before, during, after transition.

    - The sooner you start, the more evidence you'll have to claim premium value.

    - Being ready helps owners deal with unforseen problems (eg health issues) or other surprises.

    - Being ready puts you in the catbird seat - you can operate, grow, or sell.

How Can You Raise Your Business Value?
Get an As-Is view and a Could-Be preview here.

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Kind words from clients
Companies that succeeded using the system used by Dunnington Consulting

When our clients succeed, so do we.
We're glad to share with you some of the things they've said about working with us.


“…help came at a critical time in our company’s development. Its influence has been significant and continues even today as we are dealing with extraordinary growth. We are grateful that they were there to help us.”

Becky Foster, Principal

“I came to the realization that my business would be in peril if anything happened to my health. The livelihood of all of our employees would be at risk. The CoreValue Assessment has been an excellent management tool for highlighting key elements of our business that are opportunities for improvement, and the discipline to address all 18 elementshelped position A.M. Metal Finishing for the ‘Top 50 Shops Award.’ “

Rick Hunter, Owner

” an integral part in efforts to clarify our business goals and develop a good strategy specific to our business objectives. This is a doable strategy which we believe will help our business grow and gain new customers over the next several years!”

Bonnie Kuhn, Owner/Vice President

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